sculpture by the sea

OUTSIDE-IN – Sculpture by the Sea

Warringah Plastics have been involved in the manufacture of 3 custom designed sculptures ‘OUTSIDE-IN’ for this year’s Sculpture by the Sea. This prominent sculpture exhibition returns […]
Kema Plastics
As many in the industry are aware Kema Plastics who have been serving the plastics industry for decades has unfortunately gone into liquidation. Warringah Plastics is […]

Assembly Ready Parts

Using cutting edge fasteners we can produce parts that are ready for assembly as shown in this video. Using our CNC trimming machine we can accurately […]

Tool Making

In this video we show the process of machining a tool of a novelty jumbo can for a promotion. Using a variety of cutters we ca […]

Extreme Composite Plastic Impact Testing

In this video we showcase the huge strength advantages of our ECP material. Unlike fiberglass which is brittle our ECP material wont shatter and it often […]