Meet Our Team

Karl Nethery

Account & Product Development Manager

Bachelor of Industrial Design, Hons, UC

Anna Moloney-Reisch

Account & Design Development Manager

Bachelor of Industrial Design, UTS

Richard Jacobsen

Sales Support

Joshua Warren

Account Manager

Richard Allen

Production Manager

University of Limerick

Alex Munro


Advanced Diploma of Product Design
Cert III Mechanical Engineering

Benn Whitfield

Industrial Designer

Bachelor of Industrial Design, Hons, WSU

Harrison Mcinnes

Industrial Designer

Bachelor of Industrial Design, Hons (1st) , RMIT

The most valuable asset at Warringah Plastics is our team of professional staff.

Warringah Plastics has been around for over 4 decades, however for a company to continue manufacturing in Australia in this era of globalisation requires that essential consideration be given to efficient, low labour content, manufacturable designs. Attention to detail is not optional and our dedicated team take pride in everything they do.

Our team consists of design & engineering professionals, computer programmers, tradesmen, and highly skilled machine setters and operators. We don’t have a sales team.

When you partner with Warringah Plastics you deal with a qualified professional as your Account and Product Development Manager who will ensure your product evolves from inception to delivery according to your requirements.

Scott Warren
General Manager

Workplace Diversity & Community Engagement

Warringah Plastics is proudly a multi-age and multi-cultural organisation employing men and women from various backgrounds. Warringah Plastics strives for equality in all areas especially during the recruitment process. Detailed in our recruitment procedure is a range of measures we employ to ensure the most suitable and best qualified candidate is appointed.

In its long history Warringah Plastics has provided a range of work opportunities to the local community. This includes full time employment, part-time employment and casual positions catering to a wide spectrum of community employment needs. Working for Warringah Plastics provides personal skill development in both manufacturing and technical functions as well as office and administrative functions. Via our training procedure we are able to qualify our staff at particular positions. This not only ensures the quality of our products but it promotes skill development and the skill diversity of our staff.

Through participation in the Society of Plastics Engineers as a company we have made great contributions to the body of knowledge around plastic forming and plastic processing. We also undertake a number of training initiatives with the University of Technology Sydney. This includes the offering of 6 month paid internship positions and a special scholarship we have setup with the university which provides year long training and skill development. Warringah Plastics is able to provide thorough educational outcomes and skill development of students passionate about manufacturing and engineering.

Warringah Plastics participates in a range of community endeavors including our participation in the ONE80TC Charity ride and providing discounts to charity organisations and select government services and programs.