At Warringah Plastics material innovation and quality is at the heart of our business. Material quality and selection can be critical to making a project cost effective and profitable. With decades of experience in the plastic industry working with a range of materials from clear to colours, smooth to textured, thick to thin and a whole range of other properties, our product development team can provide expert advise on the correct material for your application. You can also learn more about the different materials and their properties by making a selection to the left.

This abundance of materials may seem a bit overwhelming so why don’t we just give you a very very brief overview:

Material General Properties
ABS/ASA, ECP, HDPE, KYDEX, PP These materials are great industrial materials that in pretty much all cases come in a colour or its natural colour.
Polycarbonate and Acrylic/Perspex Are strong clear materials and can come in tints and colours as well. They are often used as replacements for windows or covers or where it is important that the material is see through.
PVC Is a good construction material because it’s easy to work with and rigid.
PETG and HIPS Are good packaging materials and are also widely used in the point of sale industry.

This material overview is of course very general and of course the material selection process is far more nuanced especially in the selection of industrial materials.

Some of materials are composite materials which means they are a mixture of plastic resins mixed together to form new types of plastics and this includes our ECP and Kydex material. But things don’t stop there, we can also cap some materials. Capping creates materials that are both affordable and have desired wear and tear or aesthetic surface properties. For instance by capping (placing a thin layer on top and below) of a base a material like ABS with acrylic gives a material that has the cost advantages of ABS as this is the majority resin and has the advantages of acrylic which is UV resistant and is good at withstanding scratches and comes in high gloss. There are other varieties of this which include ASA capped ABS.

At Warringah Plastics we are committed to delivering the best materials to industry including innovative new bioplastics that we believe will revolutionize the packaging industry.