Distortion Printing

Our distortion printing process developed in-house called Print ‘N’ Form™ offers a whole new dimension to vacuum forming. Distortion printing also commonly referred to as ‘printing on plastic’ is the process of printing a pre-distorted logo or graphic design onto a plastic sheet. Then by forming the sheet using the vacuum forming process the plastic gets transformed into a new 3D shape and the pre-distorted image miraculously looks normal and perfectly aligned on the plastic creating vivid and engaging graphic affects.

This is a ground breaking way of getting finished print onto 3D components without having to rely on extremely expensive three dimensional printing which is often limited to particular shapes. Warringah Plastics is renowned for getting the difficult distortion print process down to the tee so you expect consistent high quality surface finishes every time. Even very large parts can be distortion printed like enclosures for ATM’s and frames for pokie machines.

Pre-printed sheet material can be moulded for a whole variety of purposes from point of sale counter units to poker machine gaming frames. Distortion printed products can be illuminated which can create some amazing glowing effects from the print through the plastic. Print ‘N’ Form™ can be used for small runs to full production volumes and all CMYK artwork colours are available. Contact us today to learn more about our distortion printing process.