Our History

  • 1970Company Founded

    In this year Howard Gibson started Warringah Plastics doing small plastic fabrications.
  • 1988Vacuum Forming Begins

    Warringah Plastics starts vacuum forming for the first time using our roll fed machines.
  • 2001CNC Trimming Begins

    Warringah Plastics acquires it's first 5 axis trimming machine for trimming vacuum formed parts and tool making.
  • 2010Lean Manufacturing Implemented

    Warringah Plastics undertakes successful lean program to improve our operating efficiency and quality.
  • 2014Company First ISO 9001 Certified

    Warringah Plastics gains quality certification to the internationally recognized standard ISO 9001:2008.
  • 2015Bioplastics Vacuum Formed

    Warringah Plastics successfully forms bioplastics for the use of packaging.

“I want to say one word to you, just one word”…. “Plastics”… “There’s a great future in plastics. Think about it”

The Graduate - 1967

Like those enduring words born of the baby-boomer generational cult film, The Graduate, it has been over four decades since Warringah Plastics opened its doors to service the growing needs of the plastics revolution.

From those humble beginnings in 1970, developing and manufacturing polymer bearing rods and tubes, Warringah Plastics’ has grown its knowledge base and developed experience within the plastics industry to become present day leaders as sheet plastic formers, trimmers and fabricators. 

Warringah Plastics’ emphasis has always been on continual research and development to ensure it maintains competitiveness and keeps abreast of plastics innovation.

The common goal of all staff at Warringah Plastics’ is to provide the best manufacturing solutions to industry in Australia.

Most importantly, a dedicated team comprising of experienced long term staff interfaced with current-generation Design Graduates is the fundamental reason for Warringah Plastics’ current and future success as it enters its fifth decade in the Australian plastics manufacturing industry.