Project Management

Our team of account and product development managers can guide product from product design all the way through to delivery. Or alternatively bring your design to us and we can make it come to life. Our account and product development managers partner with you and ensure deadlines are met and communication is clear and transparent throughout the entirety of the project. The project stages for a typical vacuum forming job are as follows:

  1. Client approaches Warringah Plastics with a design brief or a finished concept design
  2. Warringah Plastics designs the product or designs it to be manufacturable
  3. The client makes any changes if necessary to the design and the design is approved by the client
  4. If required a prototype or a small quantity is manufactured using a timber pattern
  5. This prototype is approved by the customer and the timber pattern is turned into an epoxy or aluminium tool
  6. The production run of the job commences
  7. Once production is completed the product is packaged to the clients wishes
  8. Product is distributed to a location of the clients choosing or alternatively the client can arrange pick-up
  9. Project is complete and any other order fulfilment requirements are completed

Trimming and fabrication jobs that don’t require vacuum forming follow an identical process except that tooling isn’t required.

project management