Industrial Design

The value of good industrial design is pinnacle to the success of any plastic product or plastic point of sale display. At Warringah Plastics we invest heavily into design and we understand the difference between delivering a successful point of sale display isn’t just about cost but it’s all about quality; as the difference between good and bad design can make or break a product launch.

That’s why our team is made up of industrial designers, people who understand design but also understand the constraints and intricacies of modern manufacturing. Our team is made up of designers who specialise in different industries and have skills that range from product design, graphics, photo editing, interactive design and website design.

Utilising the latest CAD software and advanced rendering programs we can bring your product to life before manufacturing takes place to help you envisage your product. Following the principles of ISO 9001 you can have peace of mind that when we give you a concept we can deliver and having both design and manufacturing under one roof designs can be brought to market quickly with ease. Having design and manufacturing integrated gives great insight to our design team who often have many innovative ways of designing manufacturing efficiency into a product. It’s this type of thinking that makes our long list of satisfied customers keep coming back for more.