Plastic Screens

A common enquiry we get is for plastic screens. Plastic screens can be used for a wide variety of applications this includes windshields for vehicles, protective screens, windows, privacy dividers for offices for example, soundproofing screens, panels for balconies and backboards for signage.

Of course our team can advise correct material and thickness for your application. It is this expert advice that can save you time and money and give you the satisfaction that the product is fit for purpose.

In particular acrylic and perspex plastic screens are popular. These clear screens can be used as a substitute for glass. Polycarbonate is more expensive but it’s stronger, but surprisingly it is able to be scratched more easily. Acrylic is a little cheaper and is often more crystal clear. Acrylic also comes in a great variety of thicknesses up to 50mm! This can be suitable for aquariums and for animal x-ray machines and for holding human weight. Both acrylic and polycarbonate plastic screens come in UV varieties and some grades come with warranties.

We also have a great variety of shades like opal acrylic and polycarbonate and grey tint which can be used for semi-private screens. Often used in boats and bathrooms. Plastic screens can also be used to protect equipment like computers and other valuables from collision.

Using our state of the at fabrication facilities we can even glue or weld three dimension plastic screens to suit your specific needs. We can also diamond or flame polish edges to get a super smooth and clear finish.

We are also experts at cutting aluminium composite panel screens! If you need a plastic screen, no matter what volume, speak to the experts at Warringah Plastics for helpful customer service and affordable prices.