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Warringah Plastics teamed with Out Of Home advertising specialists oOh!media to produce a large scale model suitcase for leading luggage brand Samsonite which were placed in the most exclusive and busiest shopping centres and airports around the country.

To promote the launch of their new Lite-Shock range, we were entrusted with the responsibility of replicating the exquisite design details that Samsonite cases are renowned for. Right down to the Petrol Blue weave pattern on the surface, no detail was spared. Click here to see the Samsonite Lite-Shock demonstration video.

There were a number of important design considerations for this project, most critically that the case must be light and strong, just like the Samsonite Lite-Shock case itself. Luckily our plastic thermoforming process is the same method used to create the actual suitcase so we were off to a good start. The key feature of thermoforming that allows such strong and light parts to be produced is its ability to produce extremely strong thin wall sections. This allows flexing under load unlike comparable materials such as composites and alloys.

Traditionally, marketing teams had the challenge of making their products jump off the page to gain the attention of potential customers, but now it seems the challenge is to make them jump off the screen.

This is where the oversize replica really comes into play. Nothing grabs a shopper’s attention and makes them look twice like the unexpected presence of a real life jumbo sized product.

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