Modern Manufacturing for the Historic Queen Victoria Building

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You probably wouldn’t know it, but one of the loveliest buildings in Sydney, the historic Queen Victoria Building is naturally ventilated and illuminated.
Next time you wander through this amazing space, take the time to look up and discover the clear vacuum formed panels Warringah Plastics produce for Airocle, a 90 year old company leading the way in the design of natural ventilation systems.

The panels are produced in clear acrylic on our large vacuum former, which can produce parts from sheets of plastic up to an enormous 3.3m x 2.5m in size. Acrylic is a great material to incorporate in your next design because it:

  • comes in a wide range of finishes including clear and translucent
  • produces complex shapes with ease
  • has great weather-ability which was a prime consideration for this application with the panels being exposed to the elements daily
  • is recyclable

This is a great example of work we produce for the building industry, one of many industries we service. Producing work for industries as diverse as medical products, mass transport vehicles and advertising, Warringah Plastics takes advantage of its 45 years’ experience by incorporating the latest techniques and processes to every project.

Our team consists of design & engineering professionals, computer programmers, tradesmen, and highly skilled machine setters and operators.

We don’t have a sales team.

When you partner with Warringah Plastics you deal with a qualified professional as your Account and Product Development Manager who will ensure your product evolves from inception to delivery according to your requirements.

Feel free to contact any of our team regarding your requirements.