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At Warringah Plastics we’re proud of the relationships we forge with our clients, creating mutually beneficial outcomes for both parties. As a proactive manufacturer we’re always looking for ways to improve the performance and efficiency of the components we produce to ensure our client’s products perform the best they can in the market.
When you partner with Warringah Plastics you receive insightful feedback on your designs and specifications to ensure the best use of our processes and materials.

A great example of this productive relationship has been with the Australian company ReelTech, a specialist and manufacturer of customised hose and cable reels for heavy industries. Reel Tech’s products have been helping keep workplaces safe in industries such as: government departments; defence, maritime, fire & rescue, mining, aviation, petroleum, land & offshore drilling, transportation, sewer & waste, paper manufacturing, steel manufacturing, as well as the food, beverage & pharmaceutical. This is accomplished through reducing trip hazards, caused by stray hoses, and minimising operator fatigue & strain injuries through advanced ergonomics & patented safety reeling features on offer, all whilst extending the life of the equipment in use.

To stand out in the crowd, Reel Tech has always understood the importance of branding but had encountered some challenges in the trialling stage of adhering printed polypropylene discs to the side of their reels. The experienced team at Warringah Plastics knew a good way around this would be a switch to PVC, as it has a much higher surface energy allowing a wide array of bonding agents to be used. The 3D moulding that uses a pre-printed sheet creates a visually stunning addition which allows Reel Tech’s products to stand out in what can be a sea of industrial/agricultural tools and equipment.

Warringah Plastics reduces the time and cost of developing your products, because our experienced team guides you through the process, maximising the value and performance of your product each step of the way.

And don’t forget, our team consists of design & engineering professionals, computer programmers, tradesmen, and highly skilled machine setters and operators that are ready to help guide you through our manufacturing service.

We don’t have a sales team.

When you partner with Warringah Plastics you deal with a qualified professional as your Account and Product Development Manager who will ensure your product evolves from inception to delivery according to your requirements.

Feel free to contact any of our team regarding your requirements.