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Not Often new technology does come up That revolutionises the way things are done, but here’s One That probably affects you if you’ve thermoformed with us ….
We can now digital print & Then vacuum form , Allowing us to Produce your shares with any color gold graphics you desire!

Previously you had to print at a low resolution of 40dpi, but now we can go high resolution!

With previous methods you had to do high volume due to setup costs, but now there are virtually none! This means it’s quicker to make, more cost effective & higher quality.
This new technology means that it is now possible for us to print Point of Sale stand graphics over a heat bend and to an edge, whereas we previously we had to avoid the bends.

Print had to avoid any bend line. Print can now cross bends & edges!

This is an exciting new technology that will now allow for creativity that even we can’t imagine!
We are excited and cant wait to work with our customers to produce designs that will take advantage of this new breakthrough.

And just so you know, you may hear from Richard our new sales support person. He is here to look after you guys, make sure that jobs go through the system & to let you know where things are up to.

We’ve made some changes to the sales structure with the intention of providing our customers with a better service.

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