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When a shipping container lands in a new country with imported goods, it often needs fumigating.
Nordiko Quarantine Systems allows this to happen on the dock, and in collaboration with Warringah Plastics, produces a solution that allows fumigant to be captured from multiple containers simultaneously.

Nordiko’s patented technology includes high capacity IBC carbon filters, and lightweight but tough and durable plastic consoles. These safely capture fumigant gases, preventing emissions to the workplace and surrounding communities.


This is just one example of Warringah Plastics’ capability, from design through to solution and manufacture, with complex assembly creating a ready to ship product.
Our team consists of design & engineering professionals, computer programmers, tradesmen, and highly skilled machine setters and operators.
We don’t have a sales team.

When you partner with Warringah Plastics you deal with a qualified professional as your Account and Product Development Manager who will ensure your product evolves from inception to delivery according to your requirements.
Feel free to contact any of our team regarding your requirements.