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At Warringah Plastics we are a solutions based manufacturer. We’ll take your idea and turn it into a reality. In house, we have all the skills of a product design firm, but we are also equipped with prototyping, engineering and manufacturing expertise.

Quikbrace™ approached us to design and produce a solution for their hard case. With CAD modelling design and precision vacuum forming, the result speaks for itself.

original 3d concept renders


The design features a sturdy & professional multi-level unit that houses, displays and protects the multiple components. The vacuum formings utilise our high pressure forming capability to add design features such as a logo (at no extra cost) and to have ‘snap fit’ parts.

vacuum forming features



The QuikBrace™ is a genuine revolution in laying floors. For the first time ever, the patented technology can make the process of laying flooring a single person job.

vimeo video



Quikbrace™ is an Australian designed innovation and Warringah Plastics is proud to be a part of accomplishing a presentable, functional & professional display & travel case for Quikbrace™ to help get its product to market.

We are proud to be an Australian manufacturer supporting Australian business. Our business relies on quality product & service, but mostly referral – please do refer us to your contacts & utilise our all-inclusive package of design right though to product delivery.

beautiful sharp vacuum forming