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At Warringah Plastics we have big plans for this year as we continually strive to serve our customers needs even more by providing higher quality parts, more competitive prices and faster turn around times.

As a start of this initiative we have recently refurbished our roll feed thin gauge vacuum forming machine. During this refurbishment we have gained economies that we are able to now pass on to our clients. Jobs ideally suited to this machine are vacuum formed trays in 0.5-1.5mm starting gauge. Materials such as HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene), PVC, PETG and ABS are suitable for roll feed production. The range of end products made with this process can be utilised within the point of sale, packaging and storage industries. Some of these include:

– POS Counter Trays
– Shelf Ready Trays (SRT’s)
– Custom Dunnage
– Work in progress trays
– Shelf Organisers

Roll feed vacuum forming is the most economical way to produce these types of trays as other processes are integrated in cycle, such as knifing. Multiple cavity tools can also be used making prices even more economical, particularly for medium/high production runs. See how much money you can save on your next project by contacting your Warringah Plastics sales team member for a quote or call us on 02 9939 2900!