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Recently, Warringah Plastics completed the initial production run of the Ocean Addiction Fin Case, a fishing reel case in two sizes, small and large. Ocean Addiction ( is an Australian owned and operated company, a supplier of innovative products for fishermen.


Ocean Addiction approached Warringah Plastics to help refine the design and then manufacture a custom fishing reel case for retail sale. A rough prototype was provided as the basis for the development as well as the following criteria:

  • To fit a range of different sized fishing reels
  • To be tough and impact resistance to protect contents
  • To be aesthetically pleasing



Fin Case – open showing the fit of the reel

Our Design & Product Development team worked to resolve a design that not only achieved 100% of the initial criteria but was feasible and manufacturable. Utilising the latest 3D software Warringah Plastics was able to output files for CNC milling of 3D patterns (5 axis CNC) and 2D foam insert panels (3 axis CNC). This meant that everything went together the first time, and there were minimal changes to the prototype prior to production. (It was also a good opportunity to utilise the oscillating knife head on the near new 6m long 3 axis router.)


Fin Case – small and large

Warringah Plastic prides itself on its ‘turn-key’ solution based setup; design all the way through to manufacturing all under one roof. We brought together not only plastics, but consulted also on webbing and metal work in order to provide a complete solution. Warringah Plastics has the ability to locally supply quality product to Australian manufacturers, agents and end-users with short lead times and with great attention towards customer service and satisfaction.


Fin Case