Plastic Sheets

As well as being experts in plastic manufacturing, thermoforming and fabrication, Warringah Plastics can also supply plastic sheet. Plastic sheet comes in a variety of materials, colours, finishes, transparencies, textures and thicknesses as well special properties like UV and temperature resistance and rigid and flexible properties.

Some of our materials include:

So no matter what your application or need is we have a material that can do the job. As well as supplying material our experienced sales and product development team have decades of experience in plastic technology and material application so we can provide expert advice as to material suitability for your application. This includes picking the right thickness or gauge of plastic sheet.

We are increasingly innovating and pioneering new plastics to meet the challenges of our modern world. This includes selecting materials that are environmentally friendly like our Bioplastic and Green PE which is sourced from 100% renewable sources. Some of our new materials include amazing composite materials like the ECP thermoplastic sheet which is stronger and lighter than fibreglass.

We also have materials that meet the National Building Code as well as ISO and other European and North American standards. This means that we have material that can safely be used on planes, submarines, construction industry panels, medical and health components and the list goes on.

We also have multilayered substrates which can improve the cost effectiveness of your components by having for example acrylic capped ABS you can get the UV resistance and hardness of acrylic but the cost efficiency of an ABS core.

We also have CNC cutting machines to cut it to size or to a custom shape which can save you valuable time and money. We can cut sheets up to 6×1.8m! Our customers often come to us for plastic sheet for windows, laminations, protectors, models, boats and panels just to name a few. Speak to Warringah Plastics today for your plastic sheet requirements.