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sculpture by the sea

Warringah Plastics have been involved in the manufacture of 3 custom designed sculptures ‘OUTSIDE-IN’ for this year’s Sculpture by the Sea. This prominent sculpture exhibition returns to the popular Bondi Beach to Tamarama Beach coastal walk. The walk is 2km long and showcases over 100 sculptures from both Australia and international contemporary artists.

The sculpture was developed as a concept, loosely based on a periscope by architecture firm Office Feuerman – a design office based in Sydney and New York. The sculpture entices the audience to participate and engage with the mirrored interior through the clear acrylic viewing holes. These holes allow the viewer to look down a distorted path which leads to a kaleidoscope effect on the scenery, bringing the outside, in.

There are 3 sculptures that have been made and installed at 3 locations along the path.

  1. One located on the south part of Tamarama Beach
  2. One located on the south part of Marks Park (on top of the headland)
  3. One located between the other two, overlooking Mackenzies bay at Gaerloch Reserve

The manufacturing of these sculpture’s proved challenging – especially getting the mirror inside the aluminium hollow section. However our skilled fabrication team were at the ready to deliver a functional, high quality product.

So why not take some time out with family and loved ones this weekend and check out Sculpture by the Sea.

For more information on the event, please visit the official website:
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Sculpture by the Sea Sculpture by the Sea Sculpture by the Sea