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Welcome to another Warringah Plastics newsletter. We appreciate your support and referral of our services and taking the time to find out what’s new in plastics manufacturing. In this update we want to let you know about our assembly ready parts, perfect for OEM’s and manufacturers particularly in transport, mining and recreation.

Using a wide grip threaded insert (sizes M4-M8) that is specifically designed for soft materials like plastics and composites we can produce assembly ready parts just in time for your manufacturing. We can deliver parts in kits with limitless permutations including sizes, trims and colours.

When our wide grip threaded inserts are used in conjunction with our high powered pneumatic tools, our capabilities can speed up your production line and reduce build times. Watch the below video to see the process in action!


Our popular materials including ECP, UV Resistant ASA and High Impact Acrylic are just part of our innovative industrial portfolio. Warringah Plastics will always strive to fulfil our company vision statement: “We provide the best manufacturing solutions to industry in Australia”. Part of the Warringah Plastics difference is having full design and manufacturing capabilities under one roof giving you faster turn around times. Our design vision extends beyond the original part supply and encompasses quick production line installation of our parts especially in impact zones where downtime of a vehicle or machinery is critical.

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But whether you are launching a capsule 11000 meters below the sea level, developing a novelty display or sculpture for a shopping mall or TV commercial, developing innovative vehicle components to tight deadlines or developing beautiful point of sale displays you know your Warringah Plastics product development manager will get the job done right. It’s this breadth of experience and diversity of projects that makes us up for any challenge!